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April 23, 2002

Spring Already?

wow, it's so hard to believe that spring is here already. last time i remember checking, it was like january 2 or something. i've been doing well, though i haven't much felt like posting regular updates to my website. so much is going on that it's hard to keep up with what's what. i will mention that i filed for divorce a couple of weeks ago, so that will be finalized on may 9. classes end this week, so i've got my final exam next friday.. and a lot of studying to do before then. this weekend, jon and i are heading to the mountains to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend with some friends. i hope to get in good studying time there, as well as some good reading on the freud books i just received this weekend from amazon. then there's jon's birthday on the 1st. we've got tickets to go see fiddler on the roof at raleigh's memorial auditorium, and i'm quite excited about that, too. for his birthday i got him a customized shifter knob for his miata, based on what he told me he wanted. it will have the word "jdi" on it in the same font that mazda uses for the miata, along with the shifting pattern. it's already on its way to me as i type this, so hopefully i'll have it in a day or two and it'll be what i want (gratuitous linkage to knobmeister here). anyway, after the birthday is my exam, another weekend off, and jon and i have plans to do as little as possible. the divorce is the following week, and after that the only thing on the agenda is a beach trip. i hope to be posting pictures and more updates soon.

vacation, anyone?

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