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January 22, 2003

Wedding Dates

we've finally set a wedding date... well, two dates actually... he wants to get married in New York, I want to get married in North Carolina.. so we're having two ceremonies. Our official date of marriage will be September 14, 2003. The second ceremony will be October 11.

This should prove to be interesting. :)

January 10, 2003

Happy New Year

wow! 2003 already! happy new year! how have you been?

as for updates.. let's see....

my insurance company totalled my car and sent me a check, which i promptly dropped into savings. i am now driving jon's truck - a ford ranger - and trying to determine what type of car to get in the near future. i've decided that since i haven't had a car payment in so long that i should probably try to put money in savings every month for the next 2-3 months to similate a car payment. this way i can make sure that i'm not over-extending my budget and that i don't run out and buy the first car that looks good.

in the meantime, i've dropped my insurance to liability only.. so my policy that was once $800/year for full coverage (i know, it's !@# insane!) is now $60/year for liability. that's easy on the wallet, and makes me feel good while i search for the replacement vehicle.

i loved my toyota. i almost cried the day i came home and they had towed it away to be salvaged for parts. i was getting 36/mpg on the highway and 30 or so around town.. and it was 7 years old! it was wonderful! because of this, i've considered getting another toyota.. maybe a corolla... maybe a camry.. i'm not really sure yet. then again, i really love the new volkswagens that are out these days (have you seen the cool blue dash lighting? omigod!). i guess i'm looking for a mid-size vehicle.. not too large, not too small. i want to make sure that i can travel to new york (or wherever) and not feel cramped and get good gas mileage, too.

i'd love to get a hybrid... i love the idea of 40-50 mpg around town! however, jon has convinced me that perhaps i should wait a few more years to see how the hybrids have made it and how they hold up over the years. he worries a bit about the maintenance issue (that of having to take it to the dealership only) and also wonders how long those cars last anyway. so i'll be waiting on that.

my dream car? a lexus. it's not out of the loop for consideration. it would have to be a used lexus, but pretty much any lexus would do. well, most any lexus. i like the newer models.. those from the past couple of years. however, i haven't priced those and they may be a bit out of my range.

jon and i are still planning to move in together at the end of may or beginning of june. he's been busy cleaning his house and making room for me and casey to move in. it's been quite interesting to see him sort through years of stockpiled computers and electronic components... he's a packrat! the process has helped him become more organized, so it's not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. we'll be crammed into that house no matter how much each of us organizes and throws away, but it's good to go through our stuff and figure out what's important.

moving means i'll be putting my house on the market, so i've been stressing a bit over getting some things taken care of prior to me moving. i figure the house will sell better if it's empty and vacant (in other words, if all my computers and shit aren't there), so i'm planning on giving myself an opportunity to paint and clean carpets and prepare it to sell during the month of june. i hope it sells quickly. i realize that it's not a seller's market now, but a 1550 sq. ft. house with 3BR, 2BA, formal living and dining rooms as well as a den, big kitchen and laundry room.. it should be appealing to someone. it also has a fenced in backyard with a basketball goal and is in walking distance to some nearby schools. i plan on pricing it to sell quickly.. so i break even on the mortgage. i'll probably go the "for sale by owner" route to avoid all the hefty realtor fees, but then again, who knows.

i'm also taking a class this semester at meredith.. psychology of gender roles. we just started classes yesterday, so i have the entire semester ahead of me. i found out that i have four projects to complete by mid-april. there is so much going on outside of this... jon's brother's wedding in mid-february in arizona that we are attending... the wedding of a good friend the following weekend here in raleigh.. a three-day conference in baltimore, md the following week. did i mention that i'm also taking aerobics on monday and wednesday nights and yoga on tuesday and thursday nights here at meredith (for free!)? i guess what i'm saying is that i really need to get organized and stay on top of things in order to reach all my goals. i figure if i can manage to get a couple of those projects knocked out in the next few weeks, i'll be feeling less stressed and will probably be more pleasant to be around.

last night, jon and i attended a climbing class at the Raleigh Rock Yard where we learned how to belay. it was quite fun and we plan on going back to climb their walls to get some practice. i was proud of myself last night for climbing to the top of one of the walls in the place. today, however, i ache like crazy (some of that is probably from the ab workout after aerobics the other night, too).

it's been a crazy 2003 so far!

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