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June 26, 2003

To be updated soon...

I've learned a lot today, and I expect that I'll be updating the template for this website in the very near future. So much to do.. :-)

Movable Type Installed!

This is my first entry using movable type, so I'm hoping that it goes well and that I can somehow go back and link to my old blogger entries. I like archiving! I love databases!

I also have my old life's journey entries, my old now entries, other stuff from the late 90s and miscellaneous posts to get archived, so eventually this site will house it all. My plan is to write a book using my old journal entries. I'm actually working on that now.

And comments! You can add comments! It's so cool. I'm not sure how it works yet, but I'm sure I'll be figuring that out I get used to this new system.

Out With The Old

i like blogger. but i also have enjoyed learning about movable type. so i'm converting. so if you happen to visit these pages and things seem all screwed up and weird, i hope it's just temporary. i'm not exactly sure yet how i'm going to convert from one system to the other without losing stuff.

stay tuned!

June 18, 2003

Fuck! (or something)

oh, did i mention the fuck pages are now updated and online? i'm quite proud! if you care, be sure to check out the other stuff and donate to the cause! :-)

beware, bad words!!!

Slacker Di!

i'm a slacker and haven't even downloaded the new pictures that were mentioned weeks ago. so lazy i am! but i'll get around to it eventually. really. and i may even take more pictures and download those too. i guess it's a bit more difficult to become motivated to that end when i never get on my desktop machine at home, but rather sit around with the laptop on a wireless connection and generally surf the web and do my ssh stuff.

i do find that i'm becoming more motivated, though. i have started to have strong yearnings to redesign and place my life on the web in a much grander way. and i find that when i see a really well designed personal website that i'm jealous and wonder why i'm such a slacker.

such is life. summer ticks on, and the damned rain continues to fall.

June 10, 2003

Tires or Testicles

there's one thing my mother told me years ago that has held true all these years:


June 07, 2003



I purchased four tickets today to tori's concert in raleigh on august 30. i only meant to purchase two, but i was just finishing up the initial order when jon said "I found two tickets for section 2, row F. that's center stage!! so i purchased those as well... HAD to have them. oh how i love tori. :-)

interested in buying some tickets? let me know.

June 06, 2003

My Melancholy Baby

Come to me my melancholy baby
Cuddle up and don't be blue
All your fears are foolish fancy, maybe
You know, dear, that I'm in love with you;
Every cloud must have a silver lining
Wait until the sun shines through
So smile, my honey dear,
While I kiss away each tear
Or else I shall be melancholy too...

Waddle Waddle

my thighs are getting fatter. i can just look at my legs and tell. plus i can feel the additional weight. and i wonder why i can't get out of this emotional feeding frenzy i've been on lately. i also haven't been walking, haven't been doing yoga, haven't been doing anything exercise-wise, and haven't stuck with my usual low-carb eating plan. and i need to. and i know it.

so the fact that i'm thinking about it may be a good thing. which is a good thing, because for the last three months my left leg and buttock have been aching like crazy. i've been doing stretches that soften the hamstring muscle, but it's like every morning i get up and the ache has returned. part of me thinks that it's just the fact that i've been a lazy bitch for three months now. the other part of me wonders if it's the sucky mattress i sleep on every night. it's not firm enough, and i like a firm mattress.

June 04, 2003

Return of the jdi

things are looking up!

jon and i are back in relationship again, taking it slowly and one step at a time. he's agreed to a monogamous relationship with me, and i've agreed to be patient and work on things with him. i'm guardedly optimistic, but i must say it feels good to be back with him in some real sense of togetherness. jdi! :-)

also, i just found out this morning that tori amos will be coming to raleigh in august, so i quickly sent an email to mikewhy at the dent and let him know that while the show wasn't listed yet on ticketmaster's website that it was on the venue's site. so he posted it and gave me credit for letting him know. cool! tickets go on sale saturday, so i'm quite sure i'll be sitting at a computer going nuts around 10 a.m. jon even said he'd go to the concert with me (a first for him), so it's a double bonus for diane! woohoo!

let's hear it for humpday!

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