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July 18, 2003

On The Road Again

jon's grandfather passed away this week, so we're heading to syracuse this weekend and then onto the albany area for the memorial service. we're leaving in a couple of hours and should be on the road for 11-12 hours. i actually don't mind the travel... i'm pretty much a travel whore and enjoy seeing any part of the united states i can see.. and besides, the mountains of pennsylvania are quite beautiful.

in less than two weeks, we're going back to new york for a family reunion and will be bringing casey with us. so i think i'll be pretty exhausted from the non-stop travel and will be glad to have a weekend off.

i have, however, already started thinking about next year's big vacation. right now it's a toss up between france/italy or an alaska cruise. pricing on the cruise has yet to be determined, but i think it's going to be a bit expensive for my wallet, so i may opt for another overseas adventure.

what i need is a job that takes me to all corners of the world and allows me to experience this type of stuff, mostly on someone else's budget. thoughts? suggestions? i figure i'll switch jobs once casey leaves home and i'm free to do whatever. i have considered writing as an alternate profession.. and all the traveling could be considered "research". the only problem with this is that i will need some deep pockets to get me going.

July 15, 2003

Back From Vegas

I have returned from Vegas. I lost $200. I saw a public taping of the Fear Factor which will be aired Sept. 29... I think I'll be visible in the background! I saw Ed McMahon walk by in the Bellagio. I saw Hoover Dam. I experienced 120 degree weather and survived. I ate a lot and slept very little.

Here are pictures.

I am glad to be home.

July 05, 2003

Need Cash, Will Travel

i'm heading out to las vegas on tuesday with my mother and step-father and sister, and because of that i've been wanting to make some extra money to carry with me so i can either gamble it away or enjoy some of the finer amenities like eating and sight-seeing. so this weekend, i'm at the beach working for my dad at his restaurant, slinging shrimpburgers and the like and basically being covered in grease. it's not a glamour job by any stretch of the imagination, but it gets me the desired result: cash.

jon is here with me, restoring my father's crapped-out computer yet again and setting up a new computer for him, too. so while i'm working 9-10 hour days over this glorious 4th of july weekend, he's busy sitting around in air-conditioning quarters mucking around with Windows and having a time of it himself.

next week, i relax.
next week, i gamble.

i must say, though... i'm looking forward to a weekend off.

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