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November 24, 2004

Gaming With Jon

Every week, a handful of Jon's friends (ok, ALL of Jon's friends) come over with their role playing gaming books and laptop (or tablet) computers and spend the evening eating, drinking, grunting and gaming. It's a regular testosterone festival, complete with lots of jokes about stereotypical women and talk about lots of technical stuff. You know, geek stuff. (It rules.)

Here they are, doing what they do best:

It's a relatively normal group (as far as normal goes in gaming circles), but there's always someone who tries to stand out from the rest. In this case, that would be Carl (complete with "Mom" tattoo):

It works out well for us. Jon gets the time with his friends (and his laptop), and I get to banter with his friends, sometimes play "beer bitch" (translation: hand out drinks and snacks) or spend quality time alone with my laptop and DVR in the bedroom.

It just doesn't get much better than this.

November 23, 2004

Team jdi

I totally rule. I reached 10K.

November 22, 2004

Di and The Bigass Bat

Sometimes when Jon and I are at work and are chatting over our encrypted talk session on his server, conversations will lend themselves to playful comments that include threats of bodily harm if the other person doesn't listen to what the first person is saying.

Just the other day, Jon made some comment about something I wouldn't do because he says I don't have it in me to follow through with my threats. Then he said, "You just can't handle the truth." I told him not to suggest I couldn't do something, because just saying that would alone prompt me to do it. Again, he said I just didn't have it in me. So I told him that I would draw him a picture of what it would be like for him when I finally purchased a bigass bat with which to beat his ass so he would know better than to say something like that to me.

Mind you, all of this was in jest. And it was Friday afternoon after a long week at work, so I opened up my drawing software and drew him a crappy set of pictures so he'd have no question what I was planning on doing to him.

Di and The Bigass Bat - Before

Di and The Bigass Bat - After

Of course, we laughed about it, and I greatly amused myself with my (lack of) artistic ability used to get my message across loud and clear. And he still doesn't believe me. IMAGINE THAT.

November 14, 2004


Because I spent at least two hours struggling with that caulking gun, figuring I was doing something wrong. When I finally got tired of it and asked Jon for help, he quickly switched it out with another caulking gun and mentioned that perhaps I should have asked for help earlier.

November 12, 2004

Thinking . . .

How many Friday nights do I have to sit here doing things alone before I get the hint that he's otherwise preoccupied and won't be spending any time with me AGAIN?

November 11, 2004

Why I Love Him

Because when he tells me he isn't feeling well, he has that ever-so-hopeful look in his eyes that I will love on him, take care of him and nurture him back to good health. YOU BETCHA I WILL!

November 08, 2004


I am the proud owner of an Apple iBook G4 that I respectfully call the "diBook". Never before have a loved a machine as much as I love that little laptop. It goes with me everywhere, including the bathroom if the mood strikes me just right. Gotta love that wireless internet!

Imagine my surprise when I got a message the other night that my hard drive was nearly full. Mind you, in my many years of owning computers, I've never filled up a hard drive. How could this be happening? But I managed to max out the (I know, small) 20 gig drive without even noticing.

So today Jon is ordering me a new 80 gig drive. And we're developing a plan of action in regard to getting that new drive installed.

Before I go any further, I must explain that a few months ago I went through a period of playing Centipede (I love old arcade games!), and I noticed that the mouse touchpad was acting up a bit when I would play. I'd try to be shooting here and it would shoot over there, the mouse would spazz out and go all over the screen but not where I wanted it. The centipede kept killing me!


I did some quick research on Apple's support site and noticed that some other users had reported similar issues with their mouse. So I've had it in the back of my head to get the mouse repaired (for free since I have an AppleCare plan). Since the mouse doesn't act up 99% of the time, getting it repaired hasn't been top on my priority list.

Until now, that is. Because Jon is planning on doing the new hard drive install for me. So the plan currently is to get the new drive in, backup my existing data onto the new drive (just in case), take the laptop in for mouse repair, get the laptop back and install the new drive ourselves (technically, Jon will be doing this as he has done on his iBook many, many times). Then I'll have a new and improved laptop with more space, a better mouse and the ability to kill that damned centipede for once and for all.

So exciting!

New and Improved

After a week of taking a break from "dieting", I'm all fired up and ready to continue with trying to lose some weight.

As of last Tuesday morning, I had lost fourteen and a half pounds on the Curves Diet Challenge at the beginning of week six. The diet itself got old and boring after a couple of weeks, so I modified my intake to include a variety of low-carb choices and healthier selections of fruits and vegetables. I avoided bread and potatoes for the most part. Those items seem to lead to my downfall, so I think I've found an easy way to modify my food choices for the future. I don't know why I'm so carb intolerant, but I am.

I really detest the Atkins diet, as I detest any diet in general. This is why it has been important for me to find foods that I can eat on a regular basis and be okay with. I know what I enjoy, and I know that some of those foods are bad. So I'm learning to be okay with moderate intake of foods that aren't great for me but that I must have. These foods include potatoes, chocolate (mmm, chocolate), and desserts in general.

I've found that I can manage some short-term dieting with a specific goal in mind. Initially, I wanted to lose 20 pounds on the diet challenge, but I realized that it was probably an impossible goal. So I changed my goal to 15 and reached that (well, within 1/2 a pound) without issue. Now after taking a few days off, I'm back on the bandwagon and fired up and ready to lose 15 more.

I exercise 5-6 times a week. I do my three Curves workouts, two nights of aerobics and I generally try to walk once or twice a week as well (the walking has dwindled as the temperatures outside have started dropping). I do miss riding my bike and have wondered why I haven't gotten up off my butt to at least take a small ride around the immediate area. Perhaps I'll try to squeeze a ride or two in before the winter temperatures kick in.

My body has been slowly changing. I noticed a lot of the changes since I joined Curves at the end of May. I also had started walking daily and riding my bike a few times a week. My legs grew stronger, and I started noticing that I was generally improving my strength. But I had a herniated disc that required surgery, and I couldn't do much of anything for a few weeks afterward, and when I finally could it wasn't a lot. I returned to Curves six weeks after my surgery, and I've been going regularly since.

I think now I'm looking for other little changes that I can make to my lifestyle. There are days, like yesterday, when I sit around the house watching television and doing much of nothing. I kept feeling guilty for not doing something more productive, but I felt more lazy than I did guilty and didn't get up.

I know I need to eat more in order to keep my metabolism up and going. That is hard sometimes, as I've been trained to eat only when hungry. Now I'm trying to do the six small meals thing. Do you realize how difficult it is to eat six times a day when you're not that hungry? The weird thing about it is that it works.

So now I'm hoping that I can drop 15 more pounds. That's my newest short-term goal. To be honest, the timeframe doesn't matter as much as the end result. I'd like to just continue being a bit healthier and doing small things to improve my body. And they say you have to take it one day at a time, so that's just what I'm going to do.

November 03, 2004

A Sad, Sad Day

I woke up, turned over and hit the key on my laptop that turns up the backlight on the display. I refreshed the election results page to see how close the presidential race had gotten since I went to bed. Bush had 254 to Kerry's 252 electoral votes, and three states not decided yet. I knew then that the day had already turned to shit.

I hit the alarm a minute or two later when it went off and got out of bed.

I showered alone. I wish Jon had gotten up with me this morning, because I find that the small amount of time we spend together some mornings really helps put me in a better frame of mind for the rest of my day. But he slept in, and I showered and dressed and left home early.

Outside, it was dull and overcast. And muggy. I really hate fucking muggy weather. Makes me want to move out of this stupid state (that gave its precious 15 electoral votes to Bush).

I stopped by McDonald's as usual, got my bacon, egg and cheese biscuit meal (I never eat the biscuit) with a medium Diet Coke, and I drove away. It was later that I noticed that those motherfuckers must have run out of the Monopoly game piece hash brown holders because I had a plain one. It's the only reason I get the meal, dammit! (For what it's worth, they also build their bacon, egg and cheese biscuits incorrectly. How is a carb-conscious person supposed to get all of the contents of the biscuit away from the biscuit WHEN THE CHEESE IS STUCK TO THE FUCKING BISCUIT? Do it differently, I say: first bacon, then cheese, then egg. Then the contents are stuck together and I'm not driving down the road like a maniac trying to peel cheese.) Figures.

I got to work before my office partner, so I turned on my halogen lamp and enjoyed the dim quietness of my office. Then she walked in, flipped on the flourescent lights and began talking. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. CAN'T YOU SEE I'M IN A BAD MOOD? We're good enough friends that I should have been able to say that to her, but I only managed to sit here quietly and sulk.

Yes, the world should revolve around me, dammit. Don't ask yourself stupid questions like that.

"I need a hug," I later wrote to Jon in our talk session. He told me he'd give me extra hugs at lunch. I found myself looking forward to that.

Lunchtime greatly improved my mood. We went to Baja Fresh and I loaded up on their fresh Pico de Gallo salsa that I on my Burrito Mexicano (that included steak, black beans, and hot salsa). Jon and I talked about increasing our homeowners insurance and enjoyed our meal. We then walked to Wal-Mart, where I bought multipacks of gum and chocolate candy.

mmmmmmmmmmmmm... Reisen. Reisen is love, my friends. Pure, hot passionate love that ends up in your mouth. Take that however you want. It's all good.

And then Jon hugged me before we left to return to our jobs. That changed my mood for a very short period of time.

At 2 p.m. EST, Kerry will officially concede. It's a sad, sad day for America. Or is that "Amuhrca"? It's just lovely when our President can't pronounce words correctly. Like nuclear. IT'S NUCLEAR, motherfucker. Not nucular.

I think I need another hug.

November 02, 2004

I Voted For Kerry


Too Good To Be True

It's always the small things that make life so grand.

Vote, Vote, Vote!

As if you haven't heard that at all in the past few months, today's the day. Make sure you exercise your right to voice your opinion and vote!

I did! I voted blue in a notoriously red state. It feels good anyway.

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