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January 26, 2006

Wanna Know What Hell Is?

Hell is wearing a pair of slacks that have a faulty zipper. Hell is going into the bathroom and trying to unzip said pants and not being able to. Hell is jumping around in the bathroom, struggling with the faulty zipper and trying not to alert coworkers of faulty zipper. Hell is being the instructor of a training class on the very same day when you're wearing a pair of pants with a faulty zipper - not to mention that you also have to urinate.

Damn you, faulty zipper gods!

January 12, 2006

Before, During and After

I decided the partner up with an online friend (hi, Tim) in my efforts to improve my health and overall appearance. We each figured having a buddy to talk to about our personal quests to better ourselves would be beneficial. We even agreed to take before and during and after photos as a motivating factor. So last night after working out, I showered, tossed on shorts and a tank top and stood before our closet door to pose for my "before" photos. I took one shot facing the camera and a profile shot to make sure my ampleness was shown from the side. And let me tell you, there is nothing quite as eye-opening as seeing all my lovely lady lumps (and humps and bumps) in a picture and then having to share said picture with your new health buddy. I won't be posting this before photo until there's another shot that is a bit more flattering.

Yeah. No more brownies for me for awhile (which were quite remarkable, I must say).

January 05, 2006


I've made a few resolutions this year, only after having succeeded at last year's resolution not to steal anymore Outback steak knives. Yes, I made it through an entire year... many, many meals... without pilfering even ONE of those prized possessions. Aren't you proud of me? As it is, we have enough for twelve place settings. But anyway... this year's resolutions are fairly straightforward and to the point:

  • Read a book a month - Since the birth of the internet, it seems my desire to read books has dwindled and my surfing of webpages has increased. I feel like my brain is turning to goo. I'm sure at least part of it is, anyway. So if I can manage to read something other than a webpage, I'd be really proud of myself. The Reader's Digest that I read in the bathroom doesn't count.
  • Move more, eat less - Gone are the days of wanting to lose weight. Now I just want to feel better. So far, I'm doing well on this resolution. I've walked 30 mins a day since Jan. 1 and have resumed my workouts at Curves. Now I'm just waiting for the good sleep patterns to kick in and I'm set.
  • Travel somewhere alone - I've decided that I enjoy taking small trips by myself. I have no idea what I'm going to do this year. Last year it was Las Vegas. This year... ? Maybe San Francisco... maybe a jaunt to Charleston, SC. Maybe to the beach to visit my father.

See? Those are simple. And I'm already on target. Just 360 more days to go.

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