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February 15, 2006

Romance, Geek Style

We stayed in last night. I picked up some sushi, and we prepared to watch the last few episodes of season two of Voyager (I'm being indoctrinated with all the Star Trek series, slowly). We drank some wine and even enjoyed some baklava for dessert. It was awesome.

Nothing says romance like Star Trek and raw fish.

February 08, 2006

Walk on Pedestrian Bridge (in September)

If this works, you should see an embedded Quicktime video I took with my phone when I was walking on the new pedestrian bridge across 440 in Raleigh near Wade Avenue.

UPDATE: It works! This makes me very happy. I have created a new category, and now I shall set out to capture my life in small 30- to 60-second segments.

February 02, 2006

Blissful (and Healthy!) Whoredom

A number of months ago, Jon and I purchased a treadmill. We found a great deal on a really nice Ironman treadmill - the model was being discontinued - and just had to have it. So we paid for it, hauled it home in the truck, and then struggled for hours to get it up two flights of stairs and into the room that would soon become our exercise room. Then Jon assembled it and viola! We had an exercise room.

For a few weeks, we used the treadmill regularly. During that time, I arrived home one day to find Jon on the treadmill with his laptop in front of him, walking at a steady pace and surfing the net.

"What the hell?!" I asked him, amazed and confused at the sight before my eyes. "How were you able to do that?"

I was a bit concerned that he had just destroyed the treadmill by adding on this laptop stand. Turns out, he figured out a way to build a laptop holder with some spare wood he had in the garage. The two pieces that comprise the stand simply latch onto the treadmill and don't actually alter or damage the treadmill in any way. (Somehow Jon's great ideas to "improve" something always result in something being permanently altered (and not so much improved). However, all my begging and pleading not to destroy our stuff with his ingenuity seems to have paid off, as he now circumvents the permanent alteration route in lieu of "plug-ins.") I could accept what he had done, but I pointed out that it certainly made him look a bit geeky and ridiculous. Whatever the case, he was walking so that was a good thing.

Anyway, we used the treadmill for a few weeks. And then it sat quietly folded up in the corner of the 'exercise' room gathering dust for a number of months. Even the laptop stand wasn't enough to draw either Jon or me to the treadmill for a workout.

That is, until January 1, when I started a daily walking regimen that requires use of said treadmill. For about two or three days, listening to my iPod was quite sufficient to help me make it through my time on the machine. Then I grew incredibly bored, and the constant walking while staring at the time, distance, calories burned and heart rate displays only seemed to make it worse. Then I remembered the laptop holder! Suddenly my walking took on an entire new life. While walking, I could surf, send email, blog, talk to my friends on AIM or play a stupid game. His geeky laptop stand was suddenly the best thing in the whole world!

And then a couple of weeks ago, I realized that my entire walking experience could be taken to the next level by downloading and watching episodes of Lost on my iBook. Why hadn't I thought of this before? Not only do a get a great workout, but I get to watch Lost!

I'm in heaven. Suddenly, I'm looking forward to exercising! And I'm so very happy that my husband is the geeky nerd who couldn't (and wouldn't) exercise unless his laptop was in front of him, because now he has a geeky wife who completely understands that logic.

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