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August 30, 2006

Deal or No Deal

While on my recent trip to California, my mother and sister and I had the fortune of getting free tickets to be audience members in a taping of the game show Deal or No Deal. It was neat seeing the models - especially when they did that walk up the stairs on the back side of the stage. Of course, we got to see Howie Mandel in all his bald headed glory as well. Quite nifty! During takes, he would hang out at the edge of our audience section, talking to some people a couple of rows up from us who he apparently knew. There were thirteen cameras around the studio that were recording, and in between we had an audience manager who kept us busy with stupid games and contests and guided us in our clapping, enthusiasm and laughter. It was quite an organized event.

In true geek fashion and to better describe where I was sitting relative to the stage and the models and the aisle where Howie entered the stage (and hung out during takes), I drew a diagram (in MS Paint, no less):

I am the little red dot with 'di' written in it.

We were there for almost 5 hours (quite longer than expected), and by the time we left we were more than ready not to be there anymore. Our faces hurt from smiling, our hands hurt from clapping, and we were long overdue for a bathroom break. We watched them tape the ending of one contestant's attempt to win $1million, and the beginning of another contestant's turn at the money. They couldn't give us a specific date when the shows would air, but they did say it would most likely be sometime during October. If you happen to watch and you see a cute Latino woman in black pants and a royal blue shirt or a black man in black pants and a light blue shirt as contestants, then look for me. I'm about five rows behind where the podium is on stage, and I was wearing a red top and black pants. I'm the one who looks like a dork!

I am a hashbrown

If the addage, "You are what you eat" is true, then I am a hashbrown. Potatoes own me.

August 24, 2006

Another sign I'm getting old

My daughter has her driving permit now. God help us everyone.

Shifting Energies

I'm whining a lot this week, so parden me if I make my first entry in this blog in recent months full of me whining.

Where have I been, you ask? Well, in actuality, just really tired of blogging for the sake of blogging. I don't want a blog, I want something different. And I don't know what I want to do on the web yet, but I do have some ideas. I'm just not ready to implement. My website bores me currently. I miss the old days.

I have the blahs. I'm working hard to get out of this and get my butt in gear again and start moving on something... anything. For now, I'll have some additional chocolate.

While I was gone, I travelled to California. My favorite part was when I drove down CA-1 through the Big Sur region. OMG, it was fucking incredible and I want to go back. I also did a lot of other fun things, including becoming embarassed when my mother asked Howie Mandel if he would indulge my desire to rub his head. No deal! He walked off without answering. I've now had a brief tour of several cities in CA and want to go back and see more... this time without my mother and sister. I continue to have the feeling that I was born into the wrong family and in the wrong part of the country. Pictures up soon from CA. And maybe some video!

Speaking of which, I bought a mini DV cam and I've been playing with video. I've just had the blahs so much that I haven't really gotten into the whole editing stuff. I know, I suck. And because I suck, I can get away with ending this entry and moving on with my day ... time to go whore on my RSS feed reader.

Energies will be shifting back this way soon. Peace.

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