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April 10, 2008

Grammar queen, back in action

I read the following sentence and immediately my eyes bulged and my head exploded. From CNN:

NARITA, Japan (AP) -- The Dalai Lama said he supports China's hosting of the Summer Olympics on Thursday, but insisted that nobody had the right to tell protesters demanding freedom for Tibet "to shut up."

Unless I'm missing a vital piece of information, I don't think the Summer Olympics are being held on Thursday. Why do trivial mistakes in syntax and sentence formation drive me nuts?

August 30, 2006

Deal or No Deal

While on my recent trip to California, my mother and sister and I had the fortune of getting free tickets to be audience members in a taping of the game show Deal or No Deal. It was neat seeing the models - especially when they did that walk up the stairs on the back side of the stage. Of course, we got to see Howie Mandel in all his bald headed glory as well. Quite nifty! During takes, he would hang out at the edge of our audience section, talking to some people a couple of rows up from us who he apparently knew. There were thirteen cameras around the studio that were recording, and in between we had an audience manager who kept us busy with stupid games and contests and guided us in our clapping, enthusiasm and laughter. It was quite an organized event.

In true geek fashion and to better describe where I was sitting relative to the stage and the models and the aisle where Howie entered the stage (and hung out during takes), I drew a diagram (in MS Paint, no less):

I am the little red dot with 'di' written in it.

We were there for almost 5 hours (quite longer than expected), and by the time we left we were more than ready not to be there anymore. Our faces hurt from smiling, our hands hurt from clapping, and we were long overdue for a bathroom break. We watched them tape the ending of one contestant's attempt to win $1million, and the beginning of another contestant's turn at the money. They couldn't give us a specific date when the shows would air, but they did say it would most likely be sometime during October. If you happen to watch and you see a cute Latino woman in black pants and a royal blue shirt or a black man in black pants and a light blue shirt as contestants, then look for me. I'm about five rows behind where the podium is on stage, and I was wearing a red top and black pants. I'm the one who looks like a dork!

December 08, 2005

Money doesn't grow on trees but chocolate does!

I have indulged myself yet again! I have become a slave to Oprah in recent years, and have watched her Favorite Things show where she touts goodies from all over and gives them to her audience members. This year, she featured Brownies from Moveable Feast Geneva. I heard the words "bittersweet chocolate" and I just had to have some. I ended up putting them on my list, and Jon ordered them for me. It was $25 for two pounds of brownies... TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS! I haven't yet tried them, but I hope they are as good as Oprah made them out to be or I may have to stop DVRing her show. At any rate, kudos to my husband for actually indulging me.

February 18, 2005

TGIF, and Here's What I'm Up To Today

I thought it would be fun to do an entire post of my day's events. This is semi-real-time blogging in effect, people! Check it out!

7:49 a.m. I arrive at work with a bagel, orange juice and a cup of ice. I need the ice for the Diet Pepsi I have open on my desk from yesterday afternoon. Office partner (OP) informs me that she has Krispy Kreme doughnuts if I want one. I definitely want one. I can hear my ass getting wider.

8:25 a.m. I realize that I don't have any photos here at work and write an entry about it in this blog. Boring!

8:47 a.m. I chat with Jon in our talk session about some monster cables or s-video cables that a coworker needs to hook up her new HDTV to DirectTV. He has agreed to swing by her place this evening after work to get it all hooked up for her. She's happy. Jon is a nice guy, I remind myself.

8:59 a.m. I go into the bathroom at work and apply makeup and brush my teeth. Bits of the herb from the light herb garlic cream cheese that I had on my bagel has ended up wedged in between my teeth. I determine that since my dentist visit on the 2nd that I'm doing a much better job with brushing during the day and with flossing in general. I don't want anymore negative comments from the hygienist about my inability to floss properly. (Bitch)

9:05 a.m. I start work on converting two forms on the web server to feed into a database instead of having results sent through email. Such fun. I love having brainless work to complete on a Friday morning. Seriously. It beats actually having to think.

9:16 a.m. I toggle over to naim (AIM) and talk to Scott. We firm up our lunch plans. I'm taking him to lunch because he had a birthday last week and was sick. We're going to Firehouse Subs in Cary. Yum!

9:35 a.m. I finish my orange juice. Not from concentrate!

9:42 a.m. Scott points me at this page. We laugh because we've always tried to be l337 like that when we type. I used to work with Scott at Interpath, back when it existed. Ahh, the good ol' days. We 0\/\/n3d that place!

9:43 a.m. Don't I have some forms I should be working on?

9:44 a.m. I walk to Johnson Hall with OP. We cut through the dorms in a vague attempt to stay warm. There's a girl sitting in the hall, in her pajamas and a coat, reading a book. We discuss outloud whether we're bothering the girl by talking. We continue to talk about the fact that we're sure we're not bothering the girl or making her think we're weird as we walk by her, talking about her. She makes a slight smile and then pretends to be very interested in her book. I feel like antagonizing her further, but we keep walking.

9:59 a.m. A coworker asks if I'd like to go to Moe's today for lunch. I inform her that I already have plans. I like Moe's, though! Welcome to Moe's!

10:05 a.m. I realize that I've done nothing but talk about food today. No wonder I'm struggling with weight loss.

10:39 a.m. Good headway on the forms. The mySQL table has been created and I'm tweaking the script that will feed into it.

11:10 a.m. Script still being tweaked. I take a break and surf around on craigslist for awhile and find this. I become amused because they should have rotated the picture or changed the title to include the words "Lots of Starch" or "I'm an idiot because I didn't rotate this picture." Even so, I contemplate a new fashion statement by wearing a white lab coat over my usual clothes.

1:06 p.m. Went to lunch with Scott and had a good time. Haven't seen him in awhile, and we talked about braces (he has them, my daughter may get them), insurance costs and consumer credit. He's doing okay for a guy who has three kids and is raising them by himself for the most part. On the way back from lunch, I received a call from the eye doctor that our contacts were in, so I stopped by there and grabbed those. Also stopped and got gas. I heard yesterday that gas prices are about to sharply increase, so I think I'll read up on that today.

1:20 p.m. I contemplate whether the refresh button in my rss reader in Firefox is making me obsessive compulsive because I click it so much or if I click it so much because I'm already obsessive compulsive.

1:35 p.m. I discuss with Scott the many different types of Girl Scout cookies that I want to buy from him (er, his daughter, technically) the next time we have lunch, which I'm hoping will be next week. This is the first time in many years that I haven't had someone at work who was selling GS Cookies for their kid. Amazing!

1:45 p.m. A coworker has requested that I create a web publishing account for her and show her the ins and outs of publishing. So I do that, chat with her a few minutes, make small talk with other coworkers and return to my desk. I realize I need to pee but I'm too lazy to get up right now and go back across the building.

1:53 p.m. I spend a few minutes trying to figure out the correct spelling of the new category I've just added called "Minutae," because I figured this entry fit nicely into that category. I typed in "define minutae" into Google and it said "did you mean define minutiae? So apparently that is how you spell it, but I think I like my version better. Minutae! Someone else has a category named this too, so what the fuck, you know? I like minutae!

2:05 p.m. I finally go pee. And I brush my teeth. And I wash my hands. Hygiene? Check!

2:26 p.m. My "easy" script from this morning appears not to be working. Heh. I suck.

2:27 p.m. SJ has a picture of a poorly drawn (but large!) penis on her page. FYI.

3:11 p.m. Stupid form!

3:43 p.m. Okay, the stupid form has stopped kicking my ass now. I won't even BEGIN to tell you how stupid my error was. Thank gosh it's Friday! Yeehaw.

4:09 p.m. Man, I'm starting to get really tired. I think I'll leave at 4:30 and go work out. Then we're going out to eat. Then we're going over to my coworker's house to hook up her new television. Then it's RELAXATION TIME! Yay.

4:26 p.m. OP is leaving and so am I. I think that's about it for awhile. Have a great weekend!

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