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September 07, 2006

Why I Love Him

Because he made my 39th birthday such a wonderful day! And because he put up with my incessant giggling in the Apple Store when I couldn't stop playing with Photo Booth.

November 16, 2005

Why I Love Him

Because he bought me lanyard headphones for my iPod nano (which I promptly left in the back seat of my car when I dropped it off at the auto repair shop). Oh how I can't wait to get my car back now.

July 05, 2005

Why I Love Him

Because he rubbed my ailing foot and ankle yesterday for an entire hour while we watched Star Trek TNG. Now that's love!

March 14, 2005

Why I Love Him

Because he bought the Die Hard movie set last week and spent time with me over the weekend watching all three movies to help me get caught up (no, I never saw these movies before). When I met Jon I was so behind on seeing movies that he came up with the reasoning of, "It's understandable . . . you were too busy birthing babies and didn't have time to have a life outside of that." That's probably true. Now I've seriously caught up on my movie watching (and most importantly my science fiction series watching) and feel like I can relate to other geeks better when they reference movies or quotes or whatever from popular films. I've got a terrific baseline geek thing going, thanks to Jon. How could I not love him for that?

February 15, 2005

Why I Love Him

Because tonight he had the brilliant idea of buying some of those Biore pore cleaning strips when we were at Wal-Mart. When we got home, we put them on our noses, and we acted like TOTAL DORKS when we pulled them off and looked at the crap that came out of our pores. SO COOL! There is nothing better in this world than sharing that type of enthusiasm with someone you love!

Also, he surprised me this year and got me 18 roses for Valentine's Day! SURPRISED ME! And we don't even celebrate Valentine's Day! Amazing!

January 26, 2005

Why I Love Him

Because last night when he came home after working all day, attending a meeting that lasted a couple of hours, and after changing out of his work clothes, he volunteered to go to the store for me because I was having a craving for sugar wafers. Now that's love!

December 30, 2004

Why I Love Him

Because he didn't wake up this morning as I was holding my Sharp Zaurus to his face so I could record him snoring. Dude, I have proof now!

December 19, 2004

Why I Love Him

Because he agreed to go Christmas shopping with me and made the whole experience THAT MUCH BETTER. His energy towards the holidays this year has made this a more positive and warm environment, and I look so forward to snuggling with him on Christmas eve.

December 11, 2004

Why I Love Him

Because today on our lunch date he didn't make fun of me when I walked out of the Mexican restaurant with salsa all over the front of my shirt. Well, actually, he did. But he did it in that loving J way!

December 06, 2004

Why I Love Him

Because he made reservations for us at a local Thai/Japanese restaurant on Saturday night. We had a date!

November 11, 2004

Why I Love Him

Because when he tells me he isn't feeling well, he has that ever-so-hopeful look in his eyes that I will love on him, take care of him and nurture him back to good health. YOU BETCHA I WILL!

October 27, 2004

Why I Love Him

Because right there in the middle of the parking lot outside of the sushi restaurant where we just had eaten lunch, he gave me a long, passionate kiss and hugged me tight. He then stared at my head and asked me how many new gray hairs I have after last night's incident with my daughter.

October 18, 2004

Why I Love Him

When I'm in the bathroom doing my business and make unexpected noises, he cheers me on and tells me I'm doing a good job.

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