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April 09, 2008

Office, rearranged

Office, rearranged, originally uploaded by redefining.

The energy feels better now that I've moved things around a bit. And the best part? I don't have to face any flourescent lights (since my office partner insists upon turning those on).

May 09, 2007

Tooting my own horn

I've been busy at work lately developing my presentation for Educause Southeast. I'm presenting!

I've also decided to pursue my undergraduate degree. At last! I was joking with coworkers yesterday that I do things backwards in my life. First, have a kid and then get married. Second, develop a career and then pursue a college degree. I think after this I'll just start doing it the right way.

Heading down to the Florida Keys this summer on a vacation - ever been? If so, tell me what's good or not good to do!

Toot toot!

May 04, 2007

!!^%@#!@ (and other made up swear words)

I'm irritable.

It's Friday, which is universally known as the day of relaxation and slacking off at work. I needed Friday because Thursday was so incredibly shitty. I woke up this morning and had to talk myself out of bed, talk myself into the shower, talk myself into doing my makeup and hair and talk myself into getting dressed. Then there was the constant talking myself into driving to work.

I made it here only to find that, pardon my language, shit's blown up. Our one systems administrator made the decision that yesterday would be the day he'd make the DNS switch and point to the new web server. A server that only he tested. A server that only he had access to until yesterday. Forget testing to make sure things were working. None of that here! Let's just flip the switch and see what's broken.

Let me just say WHAT THE FUCK. And HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK. And FUCK! I'm irritated that this is the type of environment I work in. I'm irritated that THERE IS NO COMMUNICATION. I'm irritated that THERE IS NO PLANNING. And I'm irritated that my phone is ringing OFF THE FUCKING HOOK with people informing me that things aren't working. YES I KNOW THAT SHIT'S BLOWN UP. I know.

Friday has turned into a Monday or some other day where things just don't go right. I want the madness to end. I want relaxation so I can work on my presentation that I've been procrastinating on. I want the fluorescent lights off because they are burning my eyes. I want to be in my comfy clothes at home with the television on and my husband sitting next to me on his laptop. I want to work with competent people.

Now that I have vented I feel a little better. I think I'll take my iPod and go hide in the bathroom.

March 03, 2006

Wearing the Pants

This week I have managed to pull jeans out of the dirty clothes basket on three separate occasions to wear to work. I am not quite sure how it happened that all three pair of jeans that I wear (I own many more in many different sizes) ended up dirty, but they did. Laundry awaits my attention, and soon I'll have all clean and crisp jeans to wear to work.

Lately, I've been dressing up in slacks more often than not because I've been managing a project that requires a lot of interaction with faculty and staff. It feels good to dress up for work again; I realize now that I was falling deep into a slump of "who cares what I wear to work because I just sit at a computer all day anyway." But this week was different - I only had a training class on Monday and the rest of the week has been spent at my desk doing some catch up work. Oh yeah, and some surfing. And some mudding. And general slacking off. It's been great!

I couldn't sleep last night, so I watched TV in the living room for a little while. When I looked up and saw the time, I realized something was wrong with me because it was 3:30 a.m. and I wasn't the least bit tired. So much for drinking two tall glasses of iced tea with dinner. That'll teach me! It was sometime after 4 when I finally managed to fall asleep and around 6:30 when I got out of bed to shower. I'm now comtemplating taking a 1/2 day of vacation, though it may be just as good to sit here in my numb-like state, contemplating the cleanliness of my jeans and writing blog entries about it.

November 11, 2005

Take Five

I've been busy since early summer managing a project at work. I am the designated Project Manager, but because we are so short on staff here at Meredith, I wear many other hats, including that of a trainer. So I've been up to my eyeballs in a pilot rollout of a file sharing system for months now. For whatever reason the powers that be saw fit, a tear in the vortex opened up this week and I slipped out and have been able to do exactly what it is I enjoy doing most while at work: fucking off.

Yay for downtime!

On Monday, I took a sick day, because, quite frankly, I was sick of work. I had planned on lying around all day eating bon bons and watching talk shows and doing much of nothing. Instead, I got up, showered and went to the grocery store. I returned home and decided that I wanted to caulk and paint, so I went out for a quick trip to WalMart, returned with more caulk (had paint already) and caulked and then painted a wall near the front door of our house that leads up the stairwell.

I also cleaned the bathroom downstairs and made a pot roast. By the time Casey and Jon returned home from school and work, respectively, I was relaxing with my iBook and watching Oprah as if that's what I had been doing all day. Something apparently was coded incorrectly in my relaxation DNA strands.

On Tuesday, I had a 9 a.m. training class, but after that, my week was literally wide open. My office partner was out this week (vacationing on a cruise ship somewhere near the Bahamas), so I turned off the lights, hooked up the iPod to the speaker and subwoofer and was able to chill at work while doing things totally unrelated to work, like upgrading to Moveable Type 3.2 and futzing with style sheets and mudding. Not that I've actually accomplished a lot. The upgrade went smoothly, the stylesheet revamp isn't quite done yet. Heh. I tend to put off doing things when I can't figure them out ASAP. I'm indifferent to this type of thing. Yeah, whatever.

It has been a glorious week, despite the fact that my car (sweet, sweet Trish) is in the shop for the THIRD time in as many weeks with an oil leak. The problem started after the shop did some maintenance to my car, and I've been stressed about it ever since. Hopefully I can pick her up this afternoon and the issue will have been resolved. We'll find out soon enough. I'm tired of my car sucking away all my savings.

Overall, it's been great fun to be a slacker. I've really gotten good at it... hell, it's been four or five weeks since I've worked out at Curves. I guess I manage stress by doing nothing outside of the scope of work I have and eating. But this week has been just what I needed... several days at work off everyone's radar and having time to do a lot of nothing.

I strongly suggest everyone give it a go sometime.

March 17, 2005

Fun Stuff At Work

It's St. Paddy's Day, and here in Raleigh, NC we were greeted with a nice morning snowfall. There was no accumulation, mind you, just snow coming down at the end of a long, dull winter. Great fun. So anyway, interesting weather leads to boredness at work, and Ginny wanted to walk to Johnson Hall to drop a check off in the accounting office and asked if I wanted to go. Sure!

On our way, we cut through the dormitories so that we didn't have to deal with the precipitation or cold weather. As we were walking down one of the long halls, we noticed that several girls had left umbrellas outside of their rooms. I told Ginny it would be funny to randomly switch the umbrellas around as we walked, and she agreed.

Two dorms and many umbrellas later, our work was done. Unfortunately we couldn't stick around to see the fruit of our labor, but my imagination is active enough that I giggle in spite of myself. Yes, I crack myself up.

February 09, 2005

Work Daze

I've been unmotivated in general for awhile now, but I keep trying to find something that will occupy my brain. I actually managed to work yesterday afternoon for a good chunk of time, which is better than I've been doing lately in general. I spend most days reading and surfing the net, tinkering with photos and webpages and talking online. At first, it's fun to goof off and do that. Then the realization kicks in that I'm getting paid to do much of nothing, therefore I must be expendable. Not that the college ever fires someone for not doing work, mind you, just that it sucks to know that I've grown complacent with what I do.

Part of my problem is that I'm a procrastinator and I put things off to the very last minute possible. Currently, I have three or four php programming requests to take care of, but I've only spent a few hours doing one of them. That was yesterday afternoon, and lucky for me the task I was assigned was easy enough to manage. I'm either getting better at programming or I under estimate my skill level, or both, but I managed to get the majority of what I needed to do for this one department done yesterday in just a few hours. What's left is some cleanup on the output... easy enough.

Now I just have the other tasks to contend with. It is my goal today to get those taken care of or at least in the process of being taken care of. What pressure!

It's a pie job. I like what I do, I just am somewhat bored with it. And I'm not quite yet ready to polish the resume and start looking for something new. Then again, the college is fast approaching an installation of Microsoft's SharePoint Portal Server and I should be tapped to help manage some portion of the intranet project. So maybe I should start rethinking my career strategy a bit.

October 13, 2004


"Can you believe that instead of showing the The Bachelor on TV tonight that they are showing the presidential debate? I mean, come on! Who cares about the stupid debate?"

. . .

yes, because pseudo-reality tv is SO MUCH BETTER.

need. new. job.

July 26, 2001

Ills of the Day

i had hoped to be a bit more productive this week, but it seems that reading asp and generally trying to understand existing code has me beyond tired... to the point of overload.

or something. i've got to learn to relax to aid the process of soaking this stuff up, but there's so much that i have to know in a short period of time that i'm freaking out a little about it. project management skills to the rescue, i've started mapping out specifics for how this whole deal will come together. it's a project that has been done and can be done very easily to most novice asp users. granted, i'm quite sure i can muster my way through the tasks and have successful results (with a little help from coworkers).. but i'm not quite to the point of feeling confident.

on the flip side, being this stressed has caused me to take on new sleeping habits.. seems i'm dead tired by 10 at night now... usually out like a light soon after laying down.

i've stopped walking. it's been almost 3 weeks now. i can feel it... my body feels crappy and i generally feel like i could be treating myself better. i need to take on new habits when stress happens so that i work toward feeling better at all costs versus feeling worse. i wonder why i do this. i know walking makes me feel good instantly... and it's a great way to reconnect with myself and remind myself of what's important.

i was walking 15 miles a week before i stopped. sometimes more, rarely less. and then bam, i just stopped. i shouldn't have done that... it's really bad for my body. and the real thing here is that i just need to change my habits and stick with what works. i guess my lack of confidence sometimes overrides my brain. i let some of the silliest stuff bother me... and i need to learn to let go and let it flow.

July 23, 2001

My Brain Hurts

it's monday. and i've been reading a book on ASP and my brain hurts.

so it's no wonder that this amused me as i refreshed to see the random error messages. this is indeed proof that sometimes it's the small stuff that matters.

of course, sometimes it's not.


July 11, 2001

On Campus

i'm at work at meredith college and figured i'd set up a blog while i was waiting for my new copy of macromedia ultradev 4 fireworks 4 studio to arrive. this is my second week of work, and i have yet to see any software. it's a bit frustrating to sit here at a computer for 8 hours a day and busy myself doing much of nothing. but there's a paycheck at the end of this, so i can't bitch and moan but so much.

i am joining the ranks of many bloggers and felt that this was the way to go to post to my site with ease. i've been wanting to design something new.. and probably will ultimately create a better and new interface for this site... but for now this is about all i feel like doing.

i've been getting sick for the past few days.. a cold or somesuch. my body aches, especially my neck. it's tight as hell on one side... i've been convinced that it's my sinuses and that what i feel in my neck is the core of an infection... but today i realized that it really started hurting after i had been sitting here for a little while.. so i'm beginning to wonder if it has something to do with the ergonomics of this chair i'm sitting in or if it's all in my head. anyway, my nose is running and i can barely hear out of my left ear due to the improper fluid levels somewhere deep in my head.

am i complaining? i think so. it's probably not a good idea to complain about this stuff because essentially there's not a lot i can do. or that you can do. so i'll shut up about the cold. maybe i'll just get better without the benefit of drugs.

i've been spending a lot of time this week with jonathan, as my daughter is at the beach with my aunt and her daughter and my son is staying with friends. we've been working around his house a lot... and it's been good for us, too. he's such a good friend to me above and beyond anything else.. and honestly, that's what i need right now. he bought me flowers yesterday.. when i walked in they were sitting on the counter and i smiled in spite of my bad mood. instant cheer. amazing what a little thoughtfulness can do for a girl.

it's been so stressful on each of us lately... me with the recent unemployment situation.. and now him with the wondering what the heck is going to happen to pliant now that they've been purchased. he still doesn't know if he'll have a job.. or if he does have one, what the salary will be, etc. i'm ready for all of this crap to be behind us.. there are so many other issues that require attention. but as he says, we have nothing but time. and what's the rush anyway?

i think i just want a perfect world and want it now. alone. with someone. whatever the case, i'm tired of all my emotional ups and downs plaguing my life. i'm ready for some type of normalcy to kick in (where normalcy != chaos) and for life to settle back down for awhile.

a paycheck will probably help. is it the 25th yet? :)

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